ORGAN-BUILDING                                     PARTS


On order, we manufacture parts for organ-builders, too.

Pipe manufacturing
We manufacture flue pipe registers of different types in a wide range. They may be frontal or inner pipes, of lip formation and size required by the customer. The pipes are made of high quality tin and plumb alloy in the best alloying proportion for that very pipe row. On demand we deliver the ranks pre-toned.

Gepard Organ Control (setzer)
Gepard Organ Control is a common innovation of Alt-Comp Bt. and BKM Organ Works Ltd. This organ control system operates the electric manual and pedal tracker, the copulas, and it is able to perform the recently popular setzer combination register controlling, too. Due to its structure it works reliably and accurately in the variable temperature and air humidity conditions of the organ. Its minimalized wire system allows it to be repaired easily. It can be built in as a simple setzer but any cobmination of its elements can be constructed.

Gepard Organ Control offers an opportunity to construct an organ even with seven manuals; also an instrument with several consoles can be constructed easily. A play recorder can be built into the system by which the organ music can be pre-set and played later. A remote control can be applied to the system. The remote control makes it possible that only one person can manange the toning.

Gepard Organ Control is constructed with the use of parts and on the basis of the planning considerations and operation principles proven in the industrial electronics. This is an important advantage comparing with PC-based systems.

Each main unit of Gepard Organ Control has an independent defense against over-voltage; due to its small size the harms of network voltage fluctuations and other disturbances are eliminated. We offer a guarantee of fifteen years to our product.

Gepard Organ Control is based on divided intelligence. It means that the Central Console Control perceives and processes the activity of the organ player, and sends commands to the Magnet(ic) Control located near the wind chests. Due to the optimalized commands the operation of the organ is accurate and not delayed even in time of overloading. Unlike traditional MIDI controlling, which sometimes produce disturbing delays.

The divided intelligence controlling is supplemented with a signal receiving system with minimal wires demand. Due to this for instance only 16 wires lead from the keyboard to the Central Console Control instead of the former 55-62 wires. Central Console Control is connected to the Magnet Control located near the wind chests only with an 8 cores cable. This is a serious advantage for the organ- builders because it decreases the time demand of cable setting works and the quantity of the required cables.

The moduls of the system are small in their size so the system can be put together comfortably, the track can be varied. The cables connect with snaps so there is no need to solder them and the cables can be solved easily. This makes the system even easier to manage.

Due to the modul system an already set system can be enlarged or modified easily. According to the new demands, at the extension of the organ the system can be completed by new moduls, its parts can be varied on low costs, without replacing the entire electronics.

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